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We usually ride about 8-11 miles and at 8-10 mph it takes us about 1.5hrs

Just a working bike and a good attitude, although it is best to come prepared with a helmet, extra tube, lights and water.
All of our rides are listed on the Schedule page. Check it out and we hope to see you soon!
There are many places to get information from us, the homepage will have the next upcoming ride and the schedule will have all rides within the next couple months. You can also join our Facebook Group where many updates are given, you can also find information on Instagram or Twitter via the hashtag #slowrollBUF to get updated ride info.
Every Monday night we meet at 5:30 pm and ride out at 6:30 pm, unless otherwise indicated for special events. For October rides, we bump back to meet at 5:00pm and ride at 6:00pm to accommodate for diminishing daylight.
A lot of people drive in for Slow Roll, so getting there early may be an advantage. We try and make sure there are nearby parking options, which is pretty much anywhere in Buffalo, we have an abundance of parking lots for you to choose from. BE SMART, THIS IS A CITY, DO NOT LEAVE THINGS IN YOUR CAR. Especially things of value. A lot of people like to park in a lot that they know and ride to our start point, this is great idea from any major lot, but if you plan to hang out after, be sure to ask what time the lots close. When parking in the street pay attention to the signs and meters.

Yes, each rider must sign and agree to our ride waiver, which requires helmet usage.

We’d love To Meet You In Person Or Via The Web!

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