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2,000 People Used To Live Here

2,000 (or so) people rode bikes in tonight’s Slow Roll from the Richardson Olmsted Campus. It took 18 – 20 minutes for all the riders to clear the start line and be on their way. 2,000 (or more) people used to live here, in the 1950s when it was the Buffalo State Hospital. Built for a maximum capacity of 660 patients with single occupancy rooms between 1872 and 1896, the hospital eventually became over crowded. [...]

50/50 at the Richardson Olmsted Campus

Awesome weather, awesome turnout and Awesome cash prize from Monday, 8/14, ride at the Richardson Olmsted Campus.  I am sure everyone had an amazing evening BUT there is someone out there that has the winning ticket from the 50/50 which will make their night even better.  Ticket 8185388 won a crazy cash prize, please bring that winning ticket to the registration table to claim. Your 50/50 team thanks you for participating in the weekly raffles, all the money [...]

August 14 Richardson Olmsted Campus Spot Map

Slow Roll! We've most certainly got another great venue lined up for this coming Monday, so get ready to slow roll the Richardson Olmsted Campus. Check out our Julie's-on-the-Spot Map to see that we've got usage of the entire south lawn of the campus - plenty of room for food trucks, Bert's Bikes SAG, music, bike racks, toilets, info & registration, merchandise, and beer and wine service (and then some!) As usual, we ask that [...]