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Public Rides Suspended – Solo Roll with our Buffalocal Beer Roll

Although we’ve been carefully conducting free community bike rides with many pandemic-induced changes since August, news of a local spike in Covid-19 cases has led us to suspend our schedule of free community bike rides, instead encouraging everyone to ride on their own or in smaller groups with proper precautions. While we’ll continue planning our wintertime series of *Snow* Roll rides with hope of resuming in December as in past years, plans to continue weekly [...]

Request for Proposals : Fundraising Consultant

Wheel B. Herd Inc d/b/a Slow Roll Buffalo Fundraising Consultant Request for Proposals October 23, 2020 Purpose Slow Roll Buffalo, a newly independent 501(c)3 is seeking proposals for professional fundraising services in developing and implementing a fundraising campaign and sustainability plan for the 2021 fiscal year.  Background Slow Roll Buffalo (SRB) is one of the world’s largest free and inclusive community bike rides. Founded in 2014, SRB connects communities through guided rides for bicyclists of [...]

Meet (at) Flying Bison Brewing Company

The starting point for our free and inclusive Ralph & the Rockpile Ride this coming Monday, October 19th, is Flying Bison Brewing Company (860 Seneca Street, 6pm start, brewery will be closed, see below for many pandemic-induced changes to Slow Roll), dearly beloved in Buffalo’s bike community for its longtime support – most notably for its Rusty Chain beer, which was conceived as a fundraiser for then-nascent and now established nonprofit GObike Buffalo. While much [...]

Roll with the African Heritage Food Co-op

Our free and inclusive Fruit Belt Pedal Party this coming Saturday, October 17th, comes with support from the African Heritage Food Co-op (AHFC), with which we’ve partnered since 2016 to offer produce and refreshments at our stops sold by local youth through our Kiddie Kickstand program. Our roundtrip ride will meet at the AHFC’s future grocery store at […]

Get to Know Cariol Horne

Before our free and inclusive Cariol’s Ride this coming Monday, October 12th, starting from Big Ditch Brewing Company (55 East Huron Street, 6pm start, see below for many pandemic-induced changes to Slow Roll) and ending at City Hall, let’s get to know Cariol Horne, the former Buffalo police officer who was fired after a 2006 incident in which she intervened in the choking of Buffalonian Neal Mack by her fellow officer, who has since served [...]

Get to Know Betty Jean Grant

No one pounds the pavement in Buffalo like Betty Jean Grant. And no one will ever know how many lives Betty Jean saved in Buffalo by pounding the pavement with personal protective equipment (PPE) from the onset of the pandemic. However heroic that may be, it’s business as usual for Betty Jean. In considering who we should “Get to Know” before our free and inclusive Voter Registration Ride this coming Monday, October 5th, starting from [...]

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