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July 31 Kerns Ave Bowling Spot Map

Slow Roll! Another great venue coming up this Monday as we hit the Kerns Avenue Bowling Center. If you were there with us last year - or at our off season "Slow Bowl" fundraiser - then you know what a great spot it is. If you haven't been there yet, be sure to come check out and support Kerns owners (and weekly Slow Rollers) Dan and Fran Adams' long time efforts to revitalize his community [...]

Colored Musicians Club 7/24 50/50 Split

What a fantastic after party Monday evening at the Colored Musicians Club.  The winner of our 50/50,  ticket number 2601854,  will be dancing when they pickup the cash prize.  Come see us before the ride at the registration table. Just a reminder that all the money raised from the weekly 50/50 is directly used to keep us rolling for free.  Support Slow Roll rides while taking a chance on the cash prize.  Whether at the registration [...]

July 24 Colored Musicians Club Spot Map

Slow Roll! Here's our Julie's-on-the-Spot Map for this Monday's ride at the historic Colored Musicians Club. We're celebrating the club's centennial Jazz Fest with a great ride and a great afterparty, so the most important item to note on our map is the George Scott Big Band, who will be performing outside as we roll back (weather permitting of course, otherwise they'll be hitting it inside). Of course, Bert's SAG station, registration, bike racks, merchandise/info, [...]

Buffalo Maritime Center 50/50

Smooth sailing on the ride from Buffalo Maritime Center and one lucky person is holding the winning ticket from the 50/50 split.  The winning ticket from 7/17 is 2546025.  Please bring your ticket to claim your boatload of cash to the registration table Monday prior to riding. As always, we are appreciative of your support to Slow Roll through the weekly 50/50 split raffles.  Your participation allows us to keep the rides free and gives you a chance [...]