25 09, 2021

Harvest Roll

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DATE CHANGE TO SAT SEPT 25 Limited Capacity! The Harvest Roll will pick up where the annual Tour de Farms left off with a 35-mile guided ride exploring our urban food systems, followed by an afterparty with food, drink and fellowship. Purchase of a ticket includes the ride, refreshments, afterparty, a commemorative "Ticket To Roll" T-Shirt and an option for a local produce box. All proceeds go to keeping Slow Roll Buffalo free for all. This ride is rated GEAR 2. Longer mileage makes it appropriate for most riders, though beginners and children may have difficulty completing the ride.

13 06, 2021

Fire and Ice Cream Sunday

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Limited Capacity. A fully involved house fire of a guided ride passing Buffalo Fire stations across the city. This 38-mile, 12-14 mph roundtrip ride also works in an ice cream stop courtesy of Churn, a history stop at Buffalo Fire Museum, and a Chiavetta's chicken dinner and a beverage back at Resurgence. Plus a commemorative “Ticket To Roll” T-Shirt! Purchase of a ticket includes guided ride, ice cream at Churn, entry to the Buffalo Fire Museum, Chiavetta's chicken dinner, Resurgence beer, commemorative “Ticket To Roll” T-Shirt and more! Don't want to ride? Purchase a ticket for a Chiavetta's dinner and a Resurgence beer and pick it up anytime between 2-6pm. All proceeds go to keeping Slow Roll Buffalo free for all. This ride is rated GEAR 3. Longer mileage and a faster pace (12-14 mph) make it appropriate for more experienced riders.  

3 05, 2021

Season-Opening Ride

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Slow Roll Buffalo, a nonprofit organization with a mission to connect communities by bike whose 2020 season of free and inclusive community bike rides was stunted by the pandemic, will reconnect communities by returning to its full schedule of Monday night rides beginning May 3rd at Big Ditch Brewing Company. Nimble as ever, Slow Roll will continue to adapt to current conditions - while the ride will pick up where it left off last year, requiring masks and splitting into groups with staggered start times as needed to stay well under the limit on public gatherings, the afterparty will return with emphasis on supporting local businesses. As usual, Slow Roll Monday nights will start at 6:30pm on a 10-mile roundtrip ride with two stops to regroup and learn about different parts of Buffalo, guided by Slow Roll’s trained squad of volunteers and accommodating all skill levels. Each ride has a unique route and theme illuminated throughout the week in advance both online and along the route, as Slow Roll SQUAD canvasses the community and street conditions. “Slow Roll is going back to basics,” said Slow Roll Buffalo co-founder and board president Anthony Caferro. “We’ll look a lot like our first [...]

12 07, 2017

July 17 Buffalo Maritime Center Spot Map

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Slow Roll! Back in March when we finalized our list of venues for the 2017 season of rides, I circled this date on my calendar... and you should have as well! Here's our Julie's-on-the-Spot Map for Monday's ride out of the Buffalo Maritime Center (90 Arthur Street). This is one venue you're going to want to see, and I get the feeling the route and afterparty are going to make this one to remember. Nuff said! See you Monday, meet at 530pm, ride at 630pm sharp!

28 05, 2017

Fire & Ice Cream Sunday Ride

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Self supported free bike ride cruising past 25 fire stations while working in plenty of ice cream for proper balance. This will be about a 40 mile ride in total, ride at your own pace and feel free to skip stations for a shorter mileage. Meet at 130pm near the Cotter Fire Boat, ride promptly at 2pm. Ice Cream stops at Fran Ceil Custard on South Park in Lackawanna, White Rabbit Frozen Yogurt on Delaware in North Buffalo, and maybe one more toward the end!

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