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Reimagined Ride: Reopening, Reconnecting

With ongoing guidance from local and state public health leaders to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), organizers have been carefully considering ways to resume community bike rides while maintaining some semblance of Slow Roll’s inclusive spirit. Having prepared a plan that meets or exceeds all requirements, the weekly ride presented in partnership with Independent Health will resume on Monday, August 3rd, starting at 6:30pm from Babeville in downtown Buffalo (341 Delaware Avenue), free and open to all. Reopening Slow Roll requires working within the current Phase 4 of “New York Forward” state mandate, including a limit on public gatherings to a maximum of 50 people, along with CDC guidelines for events to “consider ways to significantly reduce the number of attendees”; in turn, organizers have reimagined the ride with the following changes:  Staggered start times as required, ensuring that attendees ride in groups of 50 or less The ride will end in a different location than it began, not roundtrip Pace and distance faster and longer than usual, with no scheduled stops for regrouping and speakers The ride will be self-supported, with no “SAG” support and gear before or during Participants and their bikes should be prepared to ride [...]

Virtual Slow Roll: Reimagined Ride

While Slow Roll Buffalo's free and inclusive community bike rides remain suspended due to the pandemic, we are reimagining our ride structure with intentions to resume this summer. This coming Monday, with a closed group led by our volunteer squad, we'll livestream a test run of our current plans here on our homepage as well as our Facebook group and YouTube channel.   We will resume public group rides when public health leaders advise.   2020 marks Slow Roll Buffalo’s seventh year of presenting free and inclusive community bike rides, rolling every Monday from May through October. Presented in partnership with Independent Health by the nonprofit volunteers of Wheel B. Herd, Slow Roll Buffalo is the largest franchise of the Slow Roll movement born in Detroit.

Virtual Slow Roll: Redline Ride

In meeting our mission of connecting communities by bike here in one of America's most poorest and most segregated cities, we've often discussed the effects of redlining; our next Virtual Slow Roll, presented together with the Partnership for the Public Good (PPG) and livestreamed here on our homepage, will focus entirely on the issue. For those unfamiliar with redlining, its section on Wikipedia opens with this: "In the United States, redlining is the systematic denial of various services by federal government agencies, local governments as well as the private sector either directly or through the selective raising of prices." According to PPG's 2018 report, "A City Divided: A Brief History of Segregation in Buffalo," "Redlining restricted the flow of capital in and out of minority neighborhoods as restrictive covenants and other forms of housing discrimination kept minorities from moving into white neighborhoods. Lack of access to loans made it much more difficult for African Americans to buy homes, open businesses, build wealth, and, if they chose, to move to other neighborhoods. Many neighborhoods entered a downward spiral of disinvestment, in which few people would invest in the neighborhood because its property values were declining rather than rising." Our Virtual Slow [...]

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