16 10, 2020

Roll with the African Heritage Food Co-op

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Our free and inclusive Fruit Belt Pedal Party this coming Saturday, October 17th, comes with support from the African Heritage Food Co-op (AHFC), with which we’ve partnered since 2016 to offer produce and refreshments at our stops sold by local youth through our Kiddie Kickstand program. Our roundtrip ride will meet at the AHFC’s future grocery store at […]

24 09, 2020

March for Karen and Justice for All Tonight

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Last night in Niagara Square, as an impromptu nonviolent protest of the injustice over Breonna Taylor was reaching a peaceful conclusion, a motorist who had been stopped in front of City Hall suddenly revved up and rammed through the crowd, striking Karen Huffman, a Slow Roll board member and longtime volunteer leader who also serves as a legal observer among countless community causes. Karen is currently hospitalized in stable condition, grateful for the rapid response from volunteer medics on the scene as well as the ongoing outpouring of love and care for her.  All citizens who support Karen’s commitment to justice for all are invited to Niagara Square tonight at 7pm, where Slow Roll will preside over a series of statements on her behalf before proceeding on a roundtrip nonviolent march. The gathering will be livestreamed here at our homepage as well as our YouTube channel and Facebook group, as a special episode of our weekly Virtual Slow Roll.

7 09, 2020

Roll with the Coalition for Economic Justice

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In creating a proper route to honor the local labor movement for our free and inclusive Labor Day Ride this coming Monday, September 7th (starting from the Colored Musicians Club, 145 Broadway, 6:30pm, see below for the many pandemic-induced changes to Slow Roll), we reached out to Holly Nowak, director of the Coalition for Economic Justice (CEJ), who noted many sites as well as the fact that CEJ formed in part around the ultimately futile fight to keep thousands of jobs in Buffalo through Trico, whose former Tri-Main factory now holds CEJ's headquarters, as explained and pictured below. What inspired the creation of CEJ? The CEJ was founded in 1986 as a collaborative effort of religious, labor and community leaders, which continues to make up our base today. The original group united in a campaign organized to stop the Trico corporation from moving good manufacturing jobs to Mexico. How has the organization evolved since its founding? Since our founding, CEJ has remained a coalition of faith, labor, and community joined in the fight for corporate and government accountability, sustainable economic development, and worker justice. In the past five years, CEJ has been involved in a variety of campaigns, such as [...]

1 07, 2019

Bike Light Giveaway at Freedom Wall Ride!

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Our free and inclusive Freedom Wall Ride this coming Monday, July 1st, will include another bike light giveaway from our presenting partner, Independent Health! Before the ride at The Freedom Wall (Michigan Avenue & East Ferry Street, 6:30pm sharp start), […]

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