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26 02, 2018

Slow Roll Volunteers Needed – Join SQUAD Today!

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Slow Roll Volunteers Needed - Join SQUAD Today! Slow Roll Buffalo is people-powered - our volunteer squad of more than 120 serve in a wide variety of roles on Mondays and beyond, from planning routes and keeping the rides smooth to many forms of community outreach. Our big biking family is ever-growing - if you're looking for a fun and fulfilling way to get involved in our community on wheels, please submit an application!

12 07, 2017

July 17 Buffalo Maritime Center Spot Map

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Slow Roll! Back in March when we finalized our list of venues for the 2017 season of rides, I circled this date on my calendar... and you should have as well! Here's our Julie's-on-the-Spot Map for Monday's ride out of the Buffalo Maritime Center (90 Arthur Street). This is one venue you're going to want to see, and I get the feeling the route and afterparty are going to make this one to remember. Nuff said! See you Monday, meet at 530pm, ride at 630pm sharp!

15 06, 2017

June 19 The Buffalo News Spot Map

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Hey Slow Rollers, here's our Julie's-on-the-Spot Map for this Monday's ride out of The Buffalo News. One of our favorites, most everything will be under the cover of the News building, with Bert's Bikes SAG and our bike racks in the lot cross Washington, pre-party food truck across Scott and afterparty food trucks along Scott. We ask riders to stage westbound along Scott, with kids at the front near Washington and Scott. See you Monday, meet at 530pm, ride at 630pm.