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26 02, 2018

Slow Roll Volunteers Needed – Join SQUAD Today!

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Slow Roll Volunteers Needed - Join SQUAD Today! Slow Roll Buffalo is people-powered - our volunteer squad of more than 120 serve in a wide variety of roles on Mondays and beyond, from planning routes and keeping the rides smooth to many forms of community outreach. Our big biking family is ever-growing - if you're looking for a fun and fulfilling way to get involved in our community on wheels, please submit an application!

12 07, 2017

July 17 Buffalo Maritime Center Spot Map

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Slow Roll! Back in March when we finalized our list of venues for the 2017 season of rides, I circled this date on my calendar... and you should have as well! Here's our Julie's-on-the-Spot Map for Monday's ride out of the Buffalo Maritime Center (90 Arthur Street). This is one venue you're going to want to see, and I get the feeling the route and afterparty are going to make this one to remember. Nuff said! See you Monday, meet at 530pm, ride at 630pm sharp!

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