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24 05, 2018

May 28 Buffalo Naval Park Spot Map

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Slow Roll! With Memorial Day coming, we're back at the Buffalo Naval Park for our annual Memorial Day Ride this Monday. A great venue, a lovely 10 mile downtown ride and an afterparty on the deck of the USS Little Rock make this ride one not to miss! We encourage everyone to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation by riding in red, white and blue clothing. Rider please stage westbound on Marine Drive, with the front of the pack for kids at Marine Drive and Erie Street. Check the spot map for location of SAG mechanics, merchandise & registration tables, bike racks, beer/wine/pizza and more. Keep in mind that we suggest bicycling to the ride, but if you must drive a motor vehicle to the ride - keep in mind that parking in downtown is plentiful, and by most measures excessive. Park somewhere and figure it out. See you all Monday at 630pm at the Buffalo Naval Park.

18 05, 2018

May 21 West Side Community Services Spot Map

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Slow Roll! Getting in gear for week 3 of free and inclusive Monday night community rides. This week we're heading west, partnering up with the fine folks at West Side Community Services and Peace of the City - two organizations doing amazing work with residents on the west side of Buffalo. Pre-ride, please stage on Vermont Street (with kids up front) and keep Fargo Ave and West Ave open to traffic. Afterward, it's gonna be a great vibe in the WSCS lot with Ismail & Company providing the music; check the Spot Map for our set up of food trucks, beer/wine/pizza, bike racks and more. We suggest riding to the venue, but if you must arrive by motor vehicle, please respect the neighborhood's limited parking and park your vehicle at Kleinhan's Music Hall or Front Park and bike in. See you all Monday for Slow Roll Buffalo's Peace of the City Ride!

11 05, 2018

May 14 Moot Center Spot Map

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Slow Roll! This week we’re excited to be rolling out of the heart of the city... the historic Fruit Belt. Home to the most neighborly of good neighbors - as our guest on this week's Roll Call Radio show (Thursdays 7-8pm on Power 96.5 WNY FM) and community leader Dennice Barr mentioned - “in the Fruit Belt people say hello when you walk by, and they expect you to say hello back”. With this in mind, we implore you to do the same; show respect for the area residents as we stage on Orange Street and ride from, through and back to "The Belt". If you'd like to learn more about what’s happening on the ground here, be sure to pop inside The Moot Center before the ride for our very first community forum, where we will discuss the Community Land Trust and it’s potential city-wide impact. This week's Spot Map also shows the location of bike racks, beer/wine/pizza/coffee, food trucks, SAG mechanics, and more. We encourage all to bicycle to the event, but if you must arrive by motor vehicle, please note that neighborhood parking is by residential permit only. So please park your gas guzzlers at the nearby [...]

3 05, 2018

7 May Electric Tower Spot Map

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Slow Roll! Ready to roll out the 2018 season with us? Here's our Spot Map for May 7's season opener at The Electric Tower. We'll stage on Genesee Street (kiddies and joyriders in the very front as usual), with merchandise and registration tables nearby. The afterparty will be handled by the amazing folks at Big Ditch brewing, and DJ's Shane and Tone will most certainly be keeping us in motion on the dance floor with the funkiest vinyl records! The Electric Tower parking lot will hold our bike racks for safe keeping - for those that arrive by motor vehicle, we suggest parking in any of the many downtown parking ramps and lots and biking a couple blocks in. See you all Monday, meet at 530pm, ride at 630pm!

25 10, 2017

Oct 30 Flying Bison Spot Map

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Slow Roll! Our final ride of the season is upon us and as usual we're rolling with one of the longest running supporters of bicycling in Buffalo, Flying Bison Brewing.  Slow Roll Buffalo's season finale is also GOBike's Biketoberfest, so we'll have plenty on site for the festivities - noted in this week's Julie's-on-the-Spot Map. Bert's Bikes SAG, bike racks, and food trucks will be out front in the lot; while beer, wine, pizza, registration and merchandise will all be inside Flying Bison. Hope to have you ride with us as we close out the year (at least until a December Snow Roll!). Meet at 5pm, ride at 6pm.