Our free and inclusive Greenlight Networks Ride this coming Monday, July 19th (meet at Five Points Bakery, 44 Brayton Street, 6:30pm start), is named after Buffalo’s newest internet provider, which has launched on the West Side with plans to expand its high-speed service throughout the city – learn more from the Greenlight Networks Buffalo team below and in person at the ride!

What led Greenlight Networks to bring its broadband services to Buffalo? 

Greenlight Networks decided to expand to Buffalo based on our driving factor being customer interest. Research showed a considerable amount of pent-up demand for high-speed broadband in Buffalo and the surrounding areas. Greenlight Networks recognizes the similarities between the Rochester and Buffalo which made it an ideal option for our second market. The expansion to Buffalo helps future-proof communities and foster additional growth and development across Upstate New York.

How was the initial coverage map on the West Side determined? 

Greenlight Networks determined the initial coverage map on the West Side based on a number of factors, such as customer demand, location of hub site equipment, cost, and complexity of construction, and the number of easements and permits required. Greenlight Networks was able to secure a hub site location by partnering with local non-profit 716 Ministries on the West Side. After considering those factors, Greenlight landed on the West Side to be the first serviceable Greenlight district in Buffalo! We will be announcing upcoming expansion into additional Greenlight Districts in the City of Buffalo soon.

How has the rollout been so far?

Like many businesses, Greenlight’s build out in Buffalo was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as some regulatory processes. Through these hurdles, our employees have worked hard to continue the expansion and get light to the Buffalo area! We were happy to install our first Greenlight customer in the West Side in early June and have started construction on our second Greenlight District: Upper West Side (Phase I). We currently are accepting pre-orders in our Elmwood Village (Phase I), Elmwood (Phase I) and Forest districts as we will be starting construction later this year in those areas. We continue to encourage residents in our Greenlight districts to sign-up to stay informed and spread the word to their neighbors!

How can community members get involved?

Community members can get involved by signing up on our website. This will ensure they will stay updated on the progress of construction in their Greenlight District. Community members are also encouraged to reach out to our marketing team in Buffalo to have a representative speak at a community or neighborhood association meeting.  This helps Greenlight spread the word to members of the community that may not be aware that New York’s Fastest Internet is in Buffalo!