Our free and inclusive Americana Ride this coming Monday, July 5th, brings us to the back side of a place we’ve been before – now behind the renowned Sportsmens Tavern in Black Rock is a sibling venue in The Cave (71 Military Road, 6:30pm ride start), also owned by the Hall family who have worked for three decades to put Black Rock on the map as “Music Town.” Fun fact – The Cave’s address at 71 Military is the exact address where Sportsmens patriarch Dwane Hall grew up, a true story of literally bringing it all back home.

The ride is named after the Sportsmens Americana Music Foundation (SAMF) that formed out of the club in 2017. As the Sportsmens hosted Slow Roll back in 2015 with live music in their 326 Amherst Street home, this time our afterparty is centered on The Cave as well as the new Sportsmens Park that sits between the two music clubs, complete with a connecting alley. Learn more about it all below from Dwane’s oldest son and SAMF board president Jason Hall.

What inspired y’all to purchase and open a second music venue?

There was a lot of thought that went into it but the two main reasons were the proximity to Sportsmens and Sportsmen Park and the demand from musicians looking for another room to perform.

How have the Sportsmens and Cave gotten through the pandemic?

That isn’t an easy question to answer…like most businesses, it was certainly a struggle. In a few words – everything we could. Under the state’s guidelines, we operated both rooms at 27% capacity, it was the most we could get in them with the social distancing rules we had to work with. We put on as many shows as we could to keep things flowing, our staff working and musicians performing.

What are you most looking forward to in the near future at the venues?

In a word, energy. I realized during the lockdowns how much I miss the energy in a room that’s jam packed with folks enjoying the energy of a live show. Constantly telling people how to behave under the guidelines does not create the positive energy people get from a live show.

What should Slow Rollers expect at your place come Monday?

They can expect to see the scope of our investment into the music scene in Buffalo. Two indoor venues, an outdoor stage, our nonprofit, recording studios and now the new home of The Buffalo Music Hall of Fame. We want folks to see that we have tried to build a very music-forward environment.