Although we’ve been carefully conducting free community bike rides with many pandemic-induced changes since August, news of a local spike in Covid-19 cases has led us to suspend our schedule of free community bike rides, instead encouraging everyone to ride on their own or in smaller groups with proper precautions.

While we’ll continue planning our wintertime series of *Snow* Roll rides with hope of resuming in December as in past years, plans to continue weekly November Saturday rides from our go-to Buffalo breweries have turned into a DIY Buffalocal Beer Roll similar to our “Solo Roll” approach that began in March, with a familiar message to Buffalonians in shutdown times. 

“With thanks to our volunteer squad and hundreds of riders who’ve so respectfully rode together over the past few months, we are once again asking folks to respect each other and our public health system by masking up and riding on their own or in smaller groups,” said Slow Roll Buffalo cofounder Seamus Gallivan. “In many ways, we’re returning to life as it was back in March – ride for our mental and physical health, ride in service of others in isolation, find new ways to stay connected with our community; along the way, grab a six-pack from a Buffalo brewery and watch a good virtual gathering.”

Click here for an 11-mile route connecting seven breweries from Try-It Distributing’s Buffalocal program, “a collective of local businesses that brew beer, make cider, love their neighbors and have fun while doing it all.”

Slow Roll squad will continue posting pictures and stories from their rides to our public Facebook group, encouraging all to share their own; public group rides will resume as soon as such gatherings are considered safe. 

Now our own nonprofit organization operated by Wheel B. Herd and presented by Independent Health, Slow Roll Buffalo connects communities by bike.