Our free and inclusive Southside Summer Sunset Ride on Monday, August 31st, brings us back to the Niagara Frontier Food Terminal (NFFT, 1500 Clinton Street, Clinton-Bailey, 6:30pm start, see below for many pandemic-induced changes to Slow Roll), a sprawling art deco commercial complex that’s home to our longtime supporters Chateau Buffalo, Snowy Owl Kombucha, and many more – learn more below and in this deeper dive from last year with NFFT Director of Development Matthew Wattles.

[Photos from a 2019 rides in and by NFFT by Fr. Jud Weiksnar]

What’s new at NFFT since Slow Roll was there last year?

Many exciting new tenants! The NFFT is continuing to offer industrial space and studios to the regional creative community. Since last year, we have welcomed many new artists that are bringing fresh new concepts to our historic buildings. A great new tasting room has also been created by Snowy Owl Kombucha and it’s shaping up to be a great artistically-inspired space. To complement all the other food and drink-related business, we have also welcomed The Sausage Maker’s new showroom and store. Stay tuned for their build-out grand opening. More exciting announcements to come!

How has the pandemic affected NFFT?

The pandemic has caused everyone at the NFFT to focus on projects! The NFFT management has been working to prepare new underutilized spaces for tenants that fit our vision for a more vibrant destination. Similarly, our tenants have been upgrading their spaces. Long time friend of the Slow Roll, Chateau Buffalo, is doing a great job upgrading their space to accommodate events and shows.

What’s coming up in the near future at NFFT and how can folks get involved?

The Niagara Frontier Food Terminal intends to capitalize on the energy created by the growing number of artists in our complex. We plan to facilitate events that feature artists collaborating with our existing retail tenants. Moreover, we are continuing to attract food and beverage businesses with retail and tasting rooms that will bring us back to a bustling market once again. Get involved by contacting us through our website.