Below is a wonderful letter we recently received, sharing here with gratitude to and permission from its author. 

Dear Friends of Slow Roll,

On August 24th, 2019, I lost my 52-year-old brother after what was an incredibly brief and completely unexpected medical issue. The last time I spent with him prior to him being hospitalized was at the August 19th Slow Roll at Cazenovia Park. For the past three summers, David and I made the Monday Slow Roll a priority and I will be forever grateful for the wonderful times we had riding through the streets of Buffalo. We shared a lot on those rides; thoughts, love of the different neighborhoods, the joy of greeting neighbors with the crazy horns I found for our bikes and laughs…so many laughs.

Participating will never be the same without him and I think I will be sitting out for some time as Slow Roll, as wonderful as it has been for me, will be too sad of a reminder of my brother, my best friend and best riding buddy.

I would like to offer this donation in my brother, David William Ritz’s name in honor of him and the great times we had in the hopes that it will help others enjoy the same experience of connecting with each other while experiencing a view of our beautiful city as we did.

Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do to allow us to roll on Monday nights.


Teri Jo Ritz

An excerpt from David’s obituary in The Buffalo News: “David loved being with friends and family above all else. He enjoyed bicycling, kayaking, attending concerts and although a devotee to metal, listening to many types of music. His family believes that he and his dad are now together having a beer and catching up.”