Our free and inclusive Season Finale Ride this coming Monday, October 28th, brings us back to the Lower West Side home of Community Beer Works, (CBW, 520 7th Street, 6pm sharp start), another member of the local brewery and cidery collective being promoted by Try-It Distributing’s Buffalocal campaign, which supports our afterparties and is currently holding a Slow Roll sweepstakes through our weekly newsletter that will award group happy hours and swag from Slow Roll’s four go-to Buffalo breweries – CBW, Flying Bison, Big Ditch and Resurgence. Enter to win here, and learn more about CBW below from president and cofounder Ethan Cox, who’ll also be spinning records alongside DJ Cutler after the ride.

When was the Seventh Street building built and what was its original function?

The building was originally a malthouse from 1880-1919; after Prohibition it continued to be a manufacturing site for the Merkins Chocolate Company.

What inspired you to start a brewery?

Seeing that Buffalo was underserved for local beer, and wanting to help contribute to third spaces in Buffalo.

How does CBW contribute to our community?

We host many, many fundraising events, especially focusing on groups not often embraced by mainstream businesses.

What’s your take on Try-It Distributing’s Buffalocal campaign to promote CBW and other local breweries?

I appreciate their efforts to get people to support our homegrown beer community; there’s no real reason to consume beer made hundreds of miles away.

What are your favorite fun facts that few know about CBW?

We employ more people named Chris than any other name; many of us are excellent golf cart drivers.

What other public events are coming up there?

We have a great Halloween event coming on Wednesday, with collaboration cans we made on the other side of the state with our friends at other breweries.