Our free and inclusive Darwin-Delaware Ride this coming Monday, October 14th, brings us back to the Niagara Street home of Resurgence Brewing Company (1250 Niagara, 6pm sharp start), one of a bunch of local breweries promoted by Try-It Distributing’s Buffalocal brand. Learn more about Resurgence below from its president Jeff Ware, and come thirsty this coming Monday!

When was the building built and what was its original function?

The section of the building we occupy at the Niagara Street location was built around 1900. It was part of Sterling Engine, which built boat engines. After World War II, our space became the city dog pound from the 1950s-1980s or so.

What inspired you to start a brewery?

Short answer – we like beer and enjoying it around friends and family. My wife and I met in NYC where we would go to many family-friendly beer-centric venues throughout the area. Buffalo being such a community-focused, beer-loving area, we wanted to bring that experience to the city. At the time there was not much locally-made beer, so we had the idea to make beer in a space people could hang out and experience the whole process while having a pint or two.

How does Resurgence contribute to our community?

We like to think that we provide and create unique experiences that inspire others to do the same. On top of our day-to-day, we host and work with many charitable organizations to make Buffalo a better place to live for all.

What’s your take on Try-It Distributing’s Buffalocal campaign to promote Resurgence and other local breweries?

The high tide raises all ships. We believe that it is better to work together to grow the whole beer scene in Buffalo than fight amongst each other. While we do compete with local breweries, anything to raise awareness of the quality beer being brewed in Buffalo is a win.

What are your favorite fun facts that few know about Resurgence?

We are family-owned and operated.

Our beers win awards all over the state and country.

Our first batches of beer were brewed using a generator out front of the brewery because we had no electric…or money!

Any other upcoming public events?

Our Niagara Street location will host a  a pumpkin-carving contest on Thursday, October 17th, from 4-9:30pm – carve a pumpkin and enter to win prizes from beer and shirts to a Resurgence gift card! Preorder your pumpkin in our website store – $10 includes a pumpkin and a beer.

Ans starting in November we’ll host a weekly cornhole league and Geeks Who Drink, stay tuned to our Facebook page!