Our free and inclusive Broadway-Fillmore-Kenfield Ride this coming Monday, October 7th, starting and ending at the Broadway Market (999 Broadway, note the earlier 6pm sharp start), will include a stop on Edison Avenue in the Kenfield neighborhood, where we’ll celebrate the installation of our sixth Little Lending Library. Squad member Freda Zecher-Tropp tells the backstory:

“On an afternoon early in July, I was making the rounds to check on the Little Libraries that Slow Roll has installed in various places throughout the city. I try to do this periodically and restock them with books if they are running low. Not far from the Little Library on Mulberry Street in the Fruit Belt, I noticed quite a bit of activity at the basketball court; there was organized basketball being played and also activities for younger children at tables set up in the area. I introduced myself to the adults leading the kids activities, and learned that Urban Christian Ministries was sponsoring their summer neighborhood program called Block Club Basketball for older kids and Kick It To The Curb activities for younger kids. I mentioned that there was a Little Library nearby in case any of the kids wanted to grab a book.  

Slow Roll Buffalo’s Dawn McCarley Memorial Little Lending Library on Mulberry Street

“As I shared about Slow Roll’s endeavor to build and install little lending libraries in Buffalo neighborhoods, one leader’s eyes just sparkled with interest. Mrs. Arlene Tatum, Kids Club Coordinator with Urban Christian Ministries, expressed her desire to place something like this on her street. I got her contact information and said I would pass it along, aware that we had one Little Library still in need of a home, and that the search for the location was ongoing.  

Slow Roll Squad with Kerns Bowling owner Dan Adams after an area cleanup and installation of one of our six public little lending libraries

“At one of our fundraisers, squad member Nancy Nagy had successfully bid on a Little Library that was ready to be installed; she hoped to find a place in the neighborhood of her alma mater, Kensington High School. Nancy and I realized that Mrs. Tatum’s home was located in the district of Nancy’s alma mater, and once this connection was made, the experienced Little Library installers on our squad including Renee Tarrant, Ray Lang, and Roger Dickson showed up to place this Little Library on Edison Avenue, where we’ll stop on this coming Monday’s Slow Roll for a presentation with Mrs. Tatum.”