Our free and inclusive University-Kensington Ride this coming Monday, September 30th, brings us for the first time to Shoshone Park (1878 Hertel Avenue), tucked off of Hertel and Main at the end of the new North Buffalo Rails to Trails line. Learn more about the park below from University Heights Collaborative leader Mickey Vertino.

How does Shoshone Park serve the surrounding neighborhoods?

It’s a park that’s utilized by multiple neighborhoods – University Heights, North Buffalo/Hertel community, Parkside. These neighborhoods formed a collaborative group called “FROGS”: Friends of Green Spaces, which helps in planting trees and maintaining the garden and green spaces at Shoshone Park with the assistance of Linda Garwal, our master gardener.

How do residents help care for the park?

We have many volunteers. The University Heights Tool Library supplies the tools; Elber’s Landscape Service has donated plants and trees; Joe Dash, of Dash’s Market, has donated plants; Linda Garwal has gotten hundreds of plants donated with all her contacts; Councilman Rasheed Wyatt has given us funding to purchase mulch. It’s been a wonderful, collaborative effort.

How do residents feel about the proposed renovation projects for the park?

We’re hoping that they build a year-round alethic facility, which would include a pool. The residents are concerned that the facility would not include a pool.

What should Slow Rollers look for this coming Monday?

It’s a wonderful, diverse community centered around the University at Buffalo with two subway stations which connect you from south campus all the way to the medical campus downtown. We are hopeful someday to have a bike lane on Main Street that would take you all the way downtown.