This Saturday, August 31st, we’ll roll up the Rails to Trails to North Tonawanda for our first free and inclusive community bike ride in the Lumber City, thanks to an invitation from the iParty and The Dockside Bar & Grill (153 Sweeney Street), where we’ll gather before and after our 10-mile roundtrip ride starting at 3pm.

NT is the hometown of a bunch of our volunteer squad including leaders Colleen Kendzierski and Weegie Vasquez, who are usually seen helping lead the pack on both Mondays and weekends, and in this case have been attending public meetings and rallying residents to ride with us – they’re well-known in the local cycling community for going the extra mile.

“Weegie and I are excited to have Slow Roll finally coming to North Tonawanda, the Lumber City!” said Colleen. “Along the route, we’ll pass by the National Railway Historical Society Museum and Herschell Carousel Factory Museum – notice some carousel horses welcoming us to Oliver Street, as North Tonawanda is the birthplace of one of the leading manufacturers of carousels in America. We’ll start and end at one of NT’s most popular restaurants – and one of our favorites – in The Dockside, with its great patio right on the historic Erie Canal.

“We look forward to leading a great ride through our city, and thank Austin Tylec and Ed Smolinski for their due diligence in welcoming us.”

Learn more below about North Tonawanda from community leaders Tylec and Smolinski, get on your bikes and join us!

What is North Tonawanda doing to make a more walkable and bikeable community?    

Tylec: Over the past few years, our city has begun to implement more pedestrian-friendly initiatives thanks to state funding and community interest. Bike paths along Mayors Park and the Gratwick waterfront are only the beginning of future extensions that begin to connect us with neighboring municipalities. We have a lot more to do and thankfully our community has been supportive and open to making North Tonawanda a more walkable city. 

What inspired you to invite Slow Roll up for a Bike Stampede?   

Smolinski: Most of our inspiration came from residents who kept asking why we have not joined the growing number of communities who have held their own Bike Stampede. We felt that with the right support from generous donors, like Dockside Bar & Grill, and a few dedicated community members, we could finally bring this fantastic event to North Tonawanda. 

What should participants expect at our first North Tonawanda Bike Stampede? 

Tylec: We believe there will be a big crowd and a lot of energy at this Bike Stampede. Not only because of all the scrutiny and publicity brought about by local elected officials, but because our city has a lot to show newcomers who may not normally climb NT’s metaphorical walls. It’s time to break those barriers and embrace our neighbors with open arms, and we believe this will be a great opportunity to do that.