Happy Monday, Slow Rollers, lovely day for our free and inclusive Buffalocal Ride from beautiful Cazenovia Park, starting at 6:30pm sharp!

This week’s ride is named for Try-It Distributing’s Buffalocal brand of local breweries that we serve exclusively at our afterparties, including Flying Bison, Community Beer Works, Big Ditch, Resurgence and more.

Tonight’s 10-mile roundtrip route with three inclines includes stops by South Park and Buffalo Outer Harbor; neighborhoods on this route include Cazenovia Park, Abbott-McKinley and The Triangle along major streets McKinley, South Park, Ridge and Abbott.

Buffalocal afterparty in Caz Park will include fellowship; food from Imperial Pizza, Mad Sauces, Totally Edible, Maria’s Bene Cibo, The Ice Cream Jerk & Sweet Lisa’s; drinks from Buffalocal brews, Chateau Buffalo wines, Snowy Owl Kombucha, Libby’s Lemonade Stand, Ashker’s and pop; and music from DJ Toneyboi.

One-time annual ride registration here online or onsite.

To those driving to our event – there are many commercial parking lots near Cazenovia Park. Be a good neighbor and respect surrounding residents by refraining from parking on residential streets.

All riders be sure to check your ABCs – Air-Brakes-Chain – and see our SAG crew (Support and Gear) for any pre-ride basic maintenance.

See below for the Slow Roll Code of Conduct and a pre-ride checklist, get on your bikes and join us!