Thanks to the “United Front” of cyclists who made our Unite to Do Right Ride such a warm gathering on a perfect summer night! Especially everyone from around the Frederick Douglass Community Center who welcomed us and joined in – many of our squad live in this area and ride by regularly yet had never been to the center.

We rolled out Clinton Street and turned back to stop by Ss. Columba-Brigid Church, where pastor and squad member Father Jud Weiksnar – who also took all of these photos – brought out the congregation with free watermelon, along with a guest speaker in neighboring Family Promise of Western New York house manager Iris Applewhite.

Video of Iris Applewhite – “If you would like to come in and spend time, donate your time, spend time making food, cooking, just spending time with the kids, we are here 9-5 Monday through Saturday.

Speaking of warm welcomes – squad member Sandy Fundalinski welcomed first-time rider Hank with this photo and caption and earned more than 400 responses in our Facebook group: “This is Hank. It’s his first ride on Slow Roll. He has a voice box to talk. We had a little trouble communicating but he explained that he had cancer from smoking at age 39. He has had the voice box for 46 years. If you do the math, he’s 85 years old. Welcome to Slow Roll Hank!!”

We then rolled through downtown – past the Buffalo & Erie County Central Library’s under-construction reading park that’ll host Slow Roll on August 26th – and into The Hydraulics aka Larkinville, where we learned about its history dating back to 1827.


Our third and final leg rolled up Smith Street from The Hydraulics and Broadway-Fillmore to Sycamore Street, through Willert Park and back to the Frederick Douglass Community Center, where DJ LoPro held court for the afterparty…

…funny afterparty anecdote – a rider who will remain anonymous requested of LoPro, “Hey, since we’re on Clinton Street, how about playing some P-Funk?”

“This is P-Funk playing right now,” LoPro laughed…

…moving onto next Monday, July 15th – our eleventh of 26 straight free and inclusive Monday night community bike rides brings us back to Masten Park on Best Street – hence, our “Best Ride.”

This coming Monday’s 10-mile roundtrip route includes stops in Emerson and Babcock; other neighborhoods on this route include Masten Park, MLK Park, Broadway-Fillmore, Emslie, Willert Park and Fruit Belt along major streets Best, Walden, Broadway, William and Jefferson.

Buffalocal afterparty at Masten Park will include fellowship; food from Imperial Pizza, Ms Judi’s, The Cheesy Chick and The Ice Cream Jerk; drinks from Big Ditch Brewing, Community Beer Works, Flying Bison Brewing, Resurgence Brewing, Chateau Buffalo and Ashker’s Juice Bar; and music from DJ Cutler.

One-time annual ride registration here online or onsite, join us!