This coming Friday, June 28th, brings our second annual free and inclusive Eden Pedal Party, We’re riding the 20 miles down Route 62 – Buffalo bike train leaves Larkin Square at 5pm – thanks to an invitation from the Eden Recreation Department and Eden Community Foundation.

Presented by Independent Health, our weekend rides are usually slightly faster and longer than a Slow Roll Monday ride. Hosted by Newell-Faulkner American Legion Post 880 (2912 Legion Drive, 7pm start), our 11-mile roundtrip Eden Pedal Party will explore this first-ring rural community from Main Street and neighborhoods to farms and fields, concluding with an afterparty in and around the town’s famous party barn with fellowship, drinks, food from R&R BBQ, House of Munch and Cold Stone Creamery, and live music from Krash Party.

Learn more below about the Town of Eden and plans for our Friday Pedal Party from Town Clerk Emily Hawkins.

What’s new since last year on the path to a more walkable and bikeable Eden? 

Eden was recently awarded the NYS Main Street Grant which will provide up to $600,000 of funding for updates to our local businesses in our central business district. We had 11 applicants for the grant which were fully funded at their request. We can expect to see some major updates along Main Street coming later this year! The Town also has three committees that are working on different aspects of our zoning and coding updates, which will ensure that future business growth will be pedestrian and pedal friendly!

What inspires you personally to do this work?

Health, wellness, community and FUN play major factors in anything I do. Remember being a kid and riding your bike everywhere? As an adult it’s so easy to forget how refreshing something as simple as a bike ride can be. We are so quick to hop in our cars and go, go, go, but sometimes taking time to explore your community in a different way gives you an appreciation for the more simple things in life. Plus it makes you feel good!

How do you envision this Pedal Party advancing that work?

The Pedal Party is a great example of this! We get healthy by pedaling our bikes, we have community by doing it together, and we have FUN along the way!

What should participants expect at this year’s Eden Pedal Party?

A gathering of several hundred friends, family, and neighbors committed to pedaling through our beautiful, scenic town! It’s a free and easy community ride that showcases some of Eden’s finest traits; farms, schools, neighborhoods, Main Street, and of course…country living! After the ride, we will have live music by Krash Party, which play a perfect mix of classic rock, today’s rock, and country. Food by R&R BBQ, House of Munch, and Cold Stone Creamery and drinks by the Eden Legion.