Happy Monday, Slow Rollers, perfect day for our free and inclusive Juneteenth Ride from the East Parade Ave side of MLK Park, starting at 6:30pm sharp! Let’s keep the party going after a wet yet wonderful weekend in the park as part of the celebration for the oldest known observance of the ending of slavery in the United States.

Stakeholder Spotlight – Juneteenth of Buffalo

Tonight’s 10-mile roundtrip route includes stops on William L. Gaiter Parkway, which is named after one of the founders of Juneteenth Buffalo, and at the Juneteenth headquarters on Genesee & Moselle Streets; neighborhoods on this route include MLK Park, Grider, and Genesee-Moselle along major streets Fillmore, East Delavan, Walden, Genesee and Sycamore.

Our two mass-up speakers will be Eva Doyle on William Gaiter and Dayatra Hassan on Juneteenth of Buffalo.

Buffalocal afterparty on East Parade Avenue will include fellowship, food from Jes Breathe Block Club, Mad Sauces and Imperial Pizza; drinks from Big Ditch Brewing, Community Beer Works, Resurgence Brewing, Flying Bison Brewing, Chateau Buffalo, Ashker’s Juice Bar & Snowy Owl Kombucha; and music from DJs Cutler and Sike.

To those driving to our event – there’s plenty of car parking on the Museum of Science side of MLK Park. Be a good neighbor and respect surrounding residents by refraining from parking on residential streets.

All riders be sure to check your ABCs – Air-Brakes-Chain – and see our SAG crew (Support and Gear) for any pre-ride basic maintenance.

See below for the Slow Roll Code of Conduct and a pre-ride checklist, get on your bikes and join us!