Our free and inclusive North Lovejoy Coalition ride this coming Monday, June 3rd, is named after the coalition of block clubs that invited us to their epicenter in Walden Park (101 Bakos Boulevard, 6:30pm sharp start), where they meet at 6pm every third Tuesday of the month at the Walden Park Senior Apartments. Formed in recent years under the direction of Buffalo Board of Block Clubs leader Ada Hopson-Clemons, the coalition includes the nearby St. Mary’s Road Block Club, whose president Gwendolyn Hunt gives some background below.

What inspired the founding of Coalition, and what is its mission?

We wanted to bring together residents around Schiller Park, all the block clubs and other organizations in the area to help each other and communicate better.

What are the greatest challenges to achieving that mission?

Trying to get people to come in and give us ideas, or the “I” mentality instead of the “team” – I’m a team player.

What is the coalition’s greatest accomplishment to date?

We’re getting better representation from our elected officials – we just presented a whole series on what is needed in the neighborhood, and how we can get what we need as a coalition, instead of block-by-block. For example – instead of saying we need new pavement on Bakos Boulevard, we say we need it on all of Walden. Everybody is meshing and coming together to say what we need in the total area. Next was addressing how we go about improving lighting, and things of that nature.

What do you want the general public to know about the coalition?

That we represent a vibrant neighborhood; a neighborhood that’s on the rise; a neighborhood that’s still here. People think of Schiller Park and only think of the park, but there are homes here also.

How can community members get involved?

They can come to any of our block club meetings on the third Tuesday, or call me at 716-390-3210.