Our free and inclusive Lower West Side Ride this coming Monday, October 15th, hosted by Community Beer Works (520 7th Street, 6pm sharp start) brings us back to the heart of Buffalo’s Puerto Rican community, including the stretch of Niagara Street officially recognized as Avenida San Juan.

Through this community requesting Slow Roll’s help collecting donations for Hurricane Maria relief last year, we began collaborating with regular rider Lisa Luciano-Perez, a leader of Buffalo’s chapter of the Latin American Motorcycle Association (LAMA). Like Slow Roll only with motors, LAMA channels passion for their favorite vehicle into both a figurative and literal movement – learn more below, and look for Lisa in her LAMA jacket on the ride!

What inspired the founding of the Buffalo chapter of LAMA?

Latin American Motorcycle Association (LAMA) was formed in Buffalo in June 2007. The founding chapter’s headquarters is in Chicago and started up in 1977, making the association one of the biggest multicultural motorcycle groups in the world.

How has LAMA Buffalo grown since it began?

As of 2018, LAMA Buffalo is one of 148 chapters in the USA. Buffalo is known to be one of the most powerful groups of riders on the east coast that consists of more women riders – we are very diverse with many members from different cultures, making our group a big melting pot.

To quote the motto of the East Side Bike Club, how do you “keep it rolling”?

We have a saying – “We ride for a cause.” And if you see us out there in our uniforms, it’s because we are participating in an event for charity.

LAMA giving back at West Side Community Services

What are your favorite fun facts that few know about LAMA?

Latin American Motorcycle Association has a passion for motor-touring riding; we ride in uniform, staggered and in rank – President, VP, Treasurer and so on. We practice safe riding, and I always encourage my members to take riding courses.

Monthly, we ride from state to state supporting our brothers and sisters in their events or anniversary parties – we ride in rain, hot heat, cold weather, night or day, but be sure our safety is our number one priority.

How can community members get involved?

If you have a passion to ride motorcycles and enjoy helping out your community, riding to an event or just supporting local groups with help, come check us out – we have made many kids, veterans, and the public smiles from ear-to-ear when they see us coming in, rumbling on our motorcycles to visit them.

The community can get involved by donating toys, books, etc, to LAMA – we would deliver to any charity event so they can enjoy seeing motorcycles and taking pictures with the kids.