Happy Monday, Slow Rollers – as we’ve proven often, whether or not it rains tonight won’t slow down our free and inclusive Lovejoy-Lakefront Ride!

Tonight we set up in Lovejoy for the first time, thanks to an invitation by the Iron Island Museum, built in 1883 and featured on national TV shows like Ghost Hunters yet still relatively unknown outside of this quiet neighborhood. The museum will stay open late for guided tours before and after the ride.

Host profile – Iron Island Museum

Our 11-mile roundtrip route includes four inclines between neighborhoods Lovejoy, Babcock, Triangle, Outer Harbor, First Ward, Hydraulics and Emslie along major streets Bailey, Fuhrmann, Ohio, South Park and William, guided by our trained squad of more than 100 volunteers. Two “mass-up” stops allow for regrouping while community leaders inform riders of history, events and issues in the immediate area – tonight’s speakers are Joe Crumlish of the Western New York Mountain Biking Association and Sara Heidinger of the Old First Ward Community Association. 

Stakeholder Spotlight – Our Outer Harbor

We’ll return to the Iron Island Museum for an indoor/outdoor afterparty with fellowship, food from Mad Sauces and Lovejoy Pizza; drinks from Big Ditch Brewing, Flying Bison Brewing, Chateau Buffalo, Libby’s Lemonade Stand, Snowy Owl Kombucha, & Golden Cup Coffee; and music from DJ Street Jesus.

We encourage everyone to contribute to our monthlong collection of shoes and socks for Panthfrica!

For those arriving by car: please respect the neighborhood by refraining from parking on residential streets – park at Tops Friendly Market at 1770 Broadway, thanks to friendly store manager Steve. Ring the register while you’re there!

All riders be sure to check your ABCs – Air-Brakes-Chain – and see our SAG crew (Support and Gear) for any pre-ride basic maintenance.

See below for the Slow Roll Code of Conduct and a pre-ride checklist, get on your bikes and join us!