Upstart community collective Panthfrica and Slow Roll Buffalo are requesting donations of sneakers (new and gently used) and socks (new), for Panthfrica’s​ ​Just Kickin’ it: Sneaker and Sock Drive​ on​ Saturday, September 29th, ​which will include a Sneaker Restoration Workshop​.

Slow Roll Buffalo will collect donations at all of our September rides. 

According to Buffalo Business Journal, “Buffalo is often ranked nationally among the most impoverished cities in America. More than one-third of all residents live in poverty in eight Western New York neighborhoods, according to the latest federal statistics.

“The problem is most severe in the 14213 ZIP code on Buffalo’s West Side, where 44.5 percent of the residents are classified as poor. Two other Buffalo ZIPs come next — 14207 with a poverty rate of 42.0 percent and 14201 with a rate of 40.1 percent.

“On the flip side are eight local ZIP codes with poverty rates below 5 percent.”

From Panthfrica:

“Our communities are in need and Panthfrica wants to provide shoes and socks to children for our first Just Kickin’ it Event, which will take place at the new School #77, 429 Plymouth Avenue, Buffalo, NY, 14213. 

“Shoes and socks are a basic necessity that many families are not able to easily afford. Shoes in America, particularly, are a part of the most basic needs, classified as clothes, among the other as obvious necessities which are food, water, and shelter. Shoes or sneakers can work magic for a student’s confidence in just having a matching, fitting pair in decent condition, in the least. 

“Our goal is to assist in kicking off the school year positively for children and families that might generally hold reservations towards the excitement for the opening days of returning to their schools.

“Some of our members are educators and parents as well, and are deeply connected to the need for children to succeed academically and in life overall. 

“With your generous donations we will be able to help numerous parents with providing the much needed support and encourage each child to continue to excel academically. Footwear is something simple yet vital in some cases, and specifically dire for the demographics we’re aiming to service.”

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