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Old First Ward 50/50

The winning ticket from Monday May 22, Old First Ward is 2601617.  Please bring your winning ticket to the registration table on Monday prior to the ride to claim your cash prize. Thank you for supporting Slow Roll by participating in the 50/50.  All money raised is directly used to keep Monday night rides free. Tickets are available at the registration table prior to riding and at the after party every week.

The Kids Up Front

Riding bikes is serious business. That’s why it’s nice to have the kids up front to remind us how important it is to have fun while riding our bikes – to remind us what it felt like to be a kid on a bike – one foot poised on adventure – ready to ride to the end of the alley, past the grain elevators, down to the water – and away. There’s no daydream that [...]

May 22 Old First Ward Spot Map

Good morning, Here's this weeks "Julie's-on-the-Spot Map" for Monday May 22nd's ride from Buffalo's Old First Ward. A bit different setup this week, as we encourage everyone to support local establishments Cook's and McCarthy's after the ride - while still providing bike racks (split between the two bars), food trucks, extra toilets, Bert's SAG and info/merchandise before and after the ride. Please stage westward along the extension of Hamburg from McCarthy's to Cooks, stay clear [...]

Slow Roll Buffalo and The Ride For Roswell Make Ride History!

For the first time since its founding 21 years ago, The Ride For Roswell will host an all Buffalo route with its first ever city finish line at Roswell Park Cancer Institute (RPCI) on June 24! The 14+ Mile RosRoll route will start and finish at RPCI, and Slow Roll Buffalo #Squad will lead the way. Up to 500 RosRollers will head out at 8:30 am on Saturday, June 24, just after 1000 riders clear [...]

Hot Ticket on a Cold Night – Massachusetts Park 50/50

The Hot winning 50/50 ticket from the Cold evening Slow Roll at Massachusetts Park, 5/15, is 533554.  Please bring the winning ticket to the registration table prior to the ride on Monday to claim your cash prize. Thank you for supporting Slow Roll through our weekly 50/50s.  All money raised through the 50/50 goes directly towards keeping the rides free of charge.  Tickets are available at the registration table prior to rolling and during the after party. Looking [...]